About Us

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Engineered Truss Systems manufactures wood and floor trusses for residential, commercial and agricultural projects.  Our manufacturing facility is specifically designed to create and produce a high quality end product, manufactured in our climate-controlled indoor plant.

Our combination of qualified labor and quality materials has consistently allowed us to provide builders with high quality, highly useable products at competitive prices. Through our attention to detail and dedication to quality, Engineered Truss Systems has become one of the most respected & reputable truss manufacturers in the area.

All employees at Engineered Truss Systems continue the tradition of meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, based on commitment to product, honesty, hard work, efficient service, quality and value. As a result, you will get a stronger, better-built component, with the most efficient use of materials and the most cost saving available.

Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction has guided Engineered Truss Systems over the years, and as we take steps to realize our mission, we will continue to grow and provide our many customers with additonal products and services for many years to come.

Engineered Truss Systems... be sure to ask for us by name at your lumber supplier and your builder. It makes ALL the difference!

  • D. Christopher Paclik

    Daryl Christoper Paclik (Chris) graduated from SDSU in 2014.  He spent his high school and college years in operations. In 2017 he formally transitioned in to the CEO/President position formally held by his name sake.  He is responsible for Finance, HR, Purchasing,Scheduling and Design.

  • Daryl Paclik

    Daryl Paclik began making trusses in a small shed with Don Finn in 1985, as they built quality homes throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. Their goal at the time was to design and create a quality product that only they could produce, ensuring a high level of quality. In 1987, Don left for “warmer” weather and Daryl founded Engineered Truss Systems, Inc. Over the years, Engineered Truss Systems has built a reputation for quality products, expertise in difficult designs and a focus on customer satisfaction

  • Bradley Brown
    Master Truss Engineer

    Brad has been with Engineered Truss Systems since our inception in 1985, and has over 40 years of experience in the building industry as a whole.
    He serves as our Head Truss Designer and Truss Layout Professional, and is a seasoned expert in complex roof design and detail layout. Brad is a skilled designer.

  • Daniel Brady
    Plant Manager

    Dan has been with Engineered Trus Systems since our inception in 1985 and has over 30 years of experience in this field. He covers a broad range of responsibilities: Plant Manager, Maintenance, Equipment and Quality Control.